USC Design For America

A nationwide network of students using design innovation for social good.


What we do

Our mission is simple: to use design thinking to solve social issues and leave behind a meaningful impact.

DFA studios lead innovative, replicable solutions to social challenges by focusing on careful analysis of the problem, rapid prototyping, user-testing and interdisciplinary teamwork. Studios are supported by in their project by faculty advisors, design experts, community partners and DFA headquarters. Projects run outside the academic calendar, allowing students to be involved from ideation to implementation.


Every semester, we walk new members through the design thinking process, showing them how to target a specific issues, interview users and immerse themselves in the issue in order to create a successful prototype by the end of their studio time. 


"Design is thinking made visual.”

saul bass  |  graphic designer


Who can join


Part of what makes DFA so special is the interdisciplinary teamwork. We accept students from all colleges and all majors because we believe it's important to have people bring different skills and perspectives to the table. 


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